Yes! If you die within the first year of possession then something has gone terribly wrong and the extra time has not worked. In this case, upon receiving proof, all money will be returned.

How does planting trees save a year of life?
If the planet dies due to global warming, we go with it. Predicted are famines due to crops dying, civil unrest over water shortages, along with other global complications. This reduces the average lifespan of us all along with the direct health complications caused by CO2 and particulates in the atmosphere. By selecting carbon offset we will plant 14 trees in the recipient’s name, this can go onto growing into roughly 28 tons of pure natural carbon capture through the beauty of trees. The weight of a tree is almost fully carbon, meaning any biomass added in trees is carbon out of the atmosphere. That’s 28 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere effectively offsetting a year lost. 

Our Math:
1. 73.2 year life expectancy
2. 1000 tons CO2 per premature death
3. 73.2/2 = 36.6 years lost per premature death
4. 1000 / 36.6 = 27.3 tons of CO2 per year
5. Based on an average 2-ton tree: 27.3/2 = 14 trees per year of life